DH 750-BL

The specific of blind ladder crochet machine sets with 2 pcs of weft yarn bar and along with 50 repeats of chain link drum. The max. speed is 600rpm. Machine sets with finished take off rollers, which can make the size of tape more stable and precise. Available optional device: real picot (loop) device, dry and dye system device.

  • Max speed: 600rpm.
  • Liner movement construction, which can keep machine’s life longer and low rate of failure.
  • Automatic lubrication system.

Production for : Blind ladder tape.

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Computerized blind ladder crochet machine cooperates with advance EFFECT® system, the customer could select 2-4 pcs of weft yarn bar and along with computerized picot(loop) device to produce more various curtain strings or blind ladder tape. available optional device: dry and dye system device.

  • Max. speed 600 rpm.
  • Max. width of 10cm blind ladder tape.
  • Infinity pattern length edit.

Production for: Blind ladder tapes and curtain strings.

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